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Hi.  I'm Ryan and this is my beautiful wife, Ashley.  After going on several guided bike tours while traveling on vacation, we realized how great of a way they can be to quickly discover the lay of the land. Often times, the stories we heard and things we saw on the tour would become the best part of the trip.  Upon returning home to Oklahoma City, a place with such a unique history, we often wondered why a bike tour wasn't offered here.  After drawing up some plans (I'm an architect) and crunching the numbers (Ashley's a CPA), Ride OKC was born.  As passionate native Oklahomans and your guides, our goal is to bring visitors and the local community together to explore a city that we love in the most fun way possible, by riding bikes.  We hope to show you some unexpected hidden gems along the way and maybe even enjoy a pint together at one of our award winning breweries.

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